You entered the OD groupoid family symbol: { - - (n_(-r,-s))} p11(1) { -1 -1 (-1)} [r',s']

The OD groupoid family parsed fine.

General OD Family Symbol

p11 (1)  

Reduced general OD Family Symbol

p11 (1)  

Simplified general OD Family Symbol

p11 (1)  

General Data

OD family of layers

Kinds of layers:N=1
Category:III (single)
Pointgroup:112/m (C2h)
Crystal system:monoclinic
Layer system:oblique
Common lattice:same
Common lattice size (rel. to global):1
Layer planes:(001)
Global lattice restriction:none
User supplied lattice restriction:none
Lattice restriction derived from layers:none

Layer Data

Layer 0:

Type:Layer group
Crystal system:triclinic
Layer system:oblique
Lattice restriction (instrinsic):none
Lattice restriction (extrinsic):none
Lattice (rel. to global):same
Lattice (rel. to common):same
Lattice size (rel. to global):1
Lattice size (rel. to common):1
Order (modulo lattice):1
Order (modulo global lattice):1
Order (modulo common lattice):1
Floating origin:x,y,z

Symmetry operations:


Special positions:


Centring vectors:


Special parameters

Special parameters for σ-POs (left)

  1. (general, reduced)
    Codes: general, reduced
    1. No subparameters.
  2. r''=r+2l, s''=s+2l', l,l'∈ℤ (user)
    Codes: user-1
    1. l=0, l'=0
  3. r''=m, s''=n, m,n∈ℤ (special)
    Codes: nfz2-1-1 (nr'',s'' [001] x,y,-1/2)
    1. m=0, n=0
    2. m=1, n=0
    3. m=0, n=1
    4. m=1, n=1

Special parameters for σ-POs (right)

  1. (general)
    Codes: general
    1. No subparameters.
  2. r'''=0, s'''=0 (reduced)
    Codes: reduced
    1. No subparameters.
  3. r'''=r', s'''=s' (user)
    Codes: user-1
    1. No subparameters.