You entered the OD groupoid family symbol: op { - - (n_(-r,-s))} p11(1) { - 2_(s') (-)} [r',-]

The OD groupoid family parsed fine.

General OD Family Symbol

opp11 (1)  

Reduced general OD Family Symbol

opp11 (1)  

General Data

OD family of layers

Kinds of layers:N=1
Category:III (single)
Pointgroup:m2m (C2v)
Crystal system:orthorhombic
Layer system:rectangular
Common lattice:same
Common lattice size (rel. to global):1
Layer planes:(001)
Global lattice restriction:ab=0
User supplied lattice restriction:ab=0
Lattice restriction derived from layers:none

Layer Data

Layer 0:

Type:Layer group
Crystal system:triclinic
Layer system:oblique
Lattice restriction (instrinsic):none
Lattice restriction (extrinsic):ab=0
Lattice (rel. to global):same
Lattice (rel. to common):same
Lattice size (rel. to global):1
Lattice size (rel. to common):1
Order (modulo lattice):1
Order (modulo global lattice):1
Order (modulo common lattice):1
Floating origin:x,y,z

Symmetry operations:


Special positions:


Centring vectors:


Special parameters

Special parameters for σ-POs (left)

  1. (general, reduced)
    Codes: general, reduced
    1. No subparameters.
  2. r''=r+2l, s''=s+2l', l,l'∈ℤ (user)
    Codes: user-1
    1. l=0, l'=0
  3. r''=m, s''=n, m,n∈ℤ (special)
    Codes: nfz2-1-1 (nr'',s'' [001] x,y,-1/2)
    1. m=0, n=0
    2. m=1, n=0
    3. m=0, n=1
    4. m=1, n=1

Special parameters for σ-POs (right)

  1. (general)
    Codes: general
    1. No subparameters.
  2. r'''=0 (reduced)
    Codes: reduced
    1. No subparameters.
  3. r'''=r', s'''=s'+2l, l∈ℤ (user)
    Codes: user-1
    1. l=0
  4. s'''=n, n∈ℤ (special)
    Codes: nfz2-1-1 (2s''' [010] r'''/2,y,1/2)
    1. n=0
    2. n=1